About Us

We are a community of ethnomusicologists based around the world. Although principally comprised of doctoral and early career researchers, we welcome members at any stage of their scholarly development. We typically come together online once per week to discuss articles published in journals such as Ethnomusicology Forum, Ethnomusicology, and Yearbook for Traditional Music, as well as book chapters and other innovative outputs. All who share an interest in the discipline are welcome.

The group was founded by Dr Kate Walker and Helen Gubbins when they were PhD students at the University of Sheffield. Kate and Peter Underwood (Bath Spa University) currently manage the group. We meet using Zoom to enable researchers in all locations to take part. While the discussion group takes place on a weekly basis, participants are welcome to ‘drop-in’ according to their availability.

If you would like to join the Ethnomusicology Reading Group, please use the Contact Us page.

Map of members

Map of members who attended the reading group on the 3rd of June 2020.